When Did I Get Pregnant? and What is The Best Time to Get Pregnant?

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When Did I Get Pregnant?

Many women find it difficult to know when exactly did they get pregnant. Often times, they wait until they miss two periods before going to an OBGYN. The best way to know is to know your last menstrual period. It will tell you when was the last time you have ovulated. This is the reason why your Doctor always asks when is your LMP.

However, there are a lot of women who are irregular. They do not remember when was the last time they had their periods and that is why it is difficult for the OB to calculate their conception.

When did I get pregnant?

Answer: The best and the most reliable way to know when did you get pregnant is through ultrasound. When you go to the Doctor, it’s more likely that she will ask you to undergo ultrasound. This will not only tell your expected date of confinement and the time you got pregnant, it will also inform you how healthy your baby is.

The best times to get pregnant

Certainly the best times to get pregnant is when you and your partner love each other. This is the time to make a baby. But there are things to consider when deciding to get pregnant. Aside from LOVE, you and your partner should be in GOOD TERMS. You are not supposed to get pregnant only to hold him, only to let him stay. Although being pregnant may help a relationship that’s drifting apart, it is not a guarantee at all. So, women… do not take advantage of being a woman to this extent.

The second thing you have to consider is your HEALTH. When you are healthy emotionally and physically..That’s also a great indication that you can get pregnant easily. Make sure that your partner is also healthy. But, besides these 2 things above, you also have to be ready financially. Both of you must understand that being parents is not easy. While pregnant, you have to have a check up every few months, and this means need money. Delivery is expensive, and proper caring for your child requires a huge amount of money.

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